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Hobbymat MD

Some photos of My Hobbymat MDLathe. The Hobbymat was made in Eastern Germany until fairly recently and was designed for light duty hobby work.

Hobbymat BFE Milling MachineLathes

BFEMilling Heads The same vertical milling head with its,,r.p.m. speed range was used on both the MDlathe and very useful

first plot hobbymat BFEmilling machineYouTube

Low quality timelapse video of the first plot with the hobbymat.first plot hobbymat BFEmilling machine. RUMPrazi Lathe SDDuration::. ltousig,views.:Electronic main spindle control on Prazi SD/ Hobbymat MDDuration::. werkraum-es,views.:.

Hobbymat,Prazimat & Proxxon Lathes

Hobbymat MD, MD, Variant &Hobbymat Lathe and milling machine manuals can be ordered on-line here.Unitech) the Hobbymat MDUniversal (as it was known in the UK) and BFE vertical milling attachment and stand-alone

Hobbymat MDclone ! (ZMM SlivenLathe)YouTube

Although, it is slightly different to the Hobbymat MDlathe, This lathe isMDand also the Hobbymat BFE milling/drilling attachment) which bolts on toon this lathe, only the Hobbymat and Prazimat lathes which are veryHow to Make a Mini LATHE MACHINE at Home (Very Easy)Duration::.

Lathe rebuild | bazmonaut

I will focus on the MDlathe here and cover the mill in another postsaw a Hobbymat / Prazimat MDlathe and the BFE mill attachmentThe MDwas made in East Germany, the date stamps on my machines are

Hobbymat MD/ Prazi SDlathe | bazmonaut

Hobbymat / Prazi BFEmillBelow is a list of useful links for this lathe, and also articles on this website.Spare parts and new machines:of Multifix QCTP); conversion of the BFE mill to CNC (demo video only no details)