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Jan van Gastel: Making a mirror-o-matic mirror making machine

Building a Mirror-O-Matic mirror making machine.Go to:inch telescope Go to: Equatorial platform Go to: Scotch mount Go to: Binocular mount Go to:

Mike Lockwood Telescope Making Mirror Making

Mike Lockwood&#;s Home Page for Telescope Making and Mirror Making.Optical EquipmentOkie-TexThe darkest place I&#;ve been with a telescope

Astronomy Options | Astronomy, Mirror Making, Telescopes

Astronomy, Mirror Making, Telescopes, Photography and OptionsSo with the machine, I was dead set on getting the mirror completely done

John Henry Hindle ()Manchester Astronomical Society

By thes, he was internationally recognised as a telescope maker, optician . A Hindle mirror-grinding machine is still in use by the Norwich Astronomical

SkyBadgerMirror Grinding Machine

I have a Mirror-o-maticmirror making machine that I swapped with MikeMS for a Newtonian telescope that was no use to me. With this I have so far attacked a"

Stellafane ATM:Mirror Making Myths

For many years the Springfield Telescope Makers have held mirror makingsurface on a mirrormost machines just can&#;t hold the tolerances necessary, and

Mirror Grinding Machine

telescope mirror grinding machine based on Dennis Rech&#;s M-o-M.

Wooden Telescope Part: The MirrorInstructables

A telescope mirror requires an extreme surface precision.Some amateurs actually use grinding machines to cut most of the grinding and polishing time.

Making my own fixed post mirror grinding/polishing machineATM

Hey guys. I&#;m thinking of making my own fixed post mirror grinding/polishing and curve generating machine. I&#;ve got loads of questions

Constructing grinding and polishing machines

Introduction Mirror or lens grinding by hand can be a labour of love: great fun at first but thereafter a chore if the pastime is to be that of a telescope maker, rather

Types of Mirror-o-matic machines. The Machines. Types of Mirror-o-matic machines. Mirror-o-matic documentation. Documentation. Mirror-o-matic

Telescope Mirror Making MachineYouTube

A sampleand quite simplevideo of Vitastra&#;s mirror making machine. This is a full-custom design first inspired on the polishing machines

Grinding/Polishing and figuring a” f/3.Telescope Mirror

years I needed to make a lot of the equipment needed. A grinding stand was theA spherometer is a VERY useful tool to have while making a telescope mirror.

Mirror grinding machine | Hackaday

The true test of the amateur astronomer is building their own telescope. Grinding and polishing your own mirrors is a long, arduous process.

Joy of Mirror Making: IntroductionMel Bartels and BBAstroDesigns

Making a telescope mirror is one of the most satisfying sublime joys you will experience. It&#;s also arguably the most accurate surface made by man or machine.

Rainer&#;s Machine by Rainer JakobScopeX

Telescope Making > ATM Diaries. Mirror Grinding and Polishing Machineby Rainer JakobJanury. Having made twomm f/and onemm

KB Grinding metre scale mirror segments for the E-ELT ground

The next generation of ground based telescopes require many hundreds of metre scale off-axisstiff and well damped grinding machines such as the Tetraform.

Waite Research Mirrors For Telescopes | Facebook

Waite Research Mirrors For Telescopes, Shrewsbury, New Jersey.Gordon built the new grinding machine to accept easily-interchangeable turntables.


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Making a Mirror.Bob May&#;s Astronomy Site.

So you really want to build a Telescope Mirror. . Grinding/polishing machines work by rotating the bottom piece (mirror or tool) and letting the top piece freely

grinding a telescope reflector with tool-grinding deviceJStor

amateurs the chance to grind mirrors of any size to a correct spherical form with simple means, and without heavy machine work. A glance at Plate VII, a, shows

Rough Grinding a" Quartz Telescope Mirror on the Fixed-Post

This video shows how to setup a mirror grinding machine for fixed-post grinding, also known as spin grinding or spinning. After setup, you&#;ll see

Telescope: Ritchey&#;sinch ReflectorAmazing Space

George W. Ritchey made his first reflecting telescope when he was a student in college.First, Ritchey built a machine to grind and polish the glass mirror.

Mirror-o-Matic mirror making machineATM pages of Berthold

Build your own telescope. R. Berry: BuildMirror-O-Matic grinding machineThe M-o-M is a marvellous machine due to its simplicity and yet refined design.

Telescope Making C.O.C. / O. Richard Norton |

There was no demand for telescope mirrors then, but at the Herron Optical Co. inThey built simple pottery-wheel grinding machines and constructed modified

mirror grinder page

I started thinking about building my own mirror grinding machine several yearsput it aside for a while as I built several med sized dobsonian telescopes, A"

Faster production of high-quality telescope mirrors | SPIE Homepage

Faster production of high-quality telescope mirrorsLarge-aperture telescopes use multiple segmented mirrors, which require grinding and polishingThe Zeeko IRPmachine, being used to polish one of the prototype

Making theinch Conical Mirror | Pierre Lemay

The″ telescope project began after I located a suitable slab of glass.To do these operations I built a grinding machine which would be used throughout

How I built an edge grinder for telescope mirror blanks.

I have been casting my own telescope mirror blanks for a few years now.I borrowed a few ideas from the Mirror-O-Matic mirror grinding machine, particularly

Astro-TelMirror grinding machine

I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago.the machine illustrated at "A" Fig.3, Page, "Amateur Telescope Making" Book