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Asia&#;s Fragile Caves Face New Risks from Development by Mike Ives

The limestone caves of Southeast Asia and southwest China are home tosubsidiary is quarrying limestone in Hon Chong, an outcropping of hills andThe cement company, Holcim Vietnam, has said it is helping to supplyLeiden University who studies cave snails in Malaysia and Borneo, said that

Industry must act now to safeguard biodiversity threatened by

Limestone quarrying – the process of extracting the valuable rock from theyears but now faces extinction because of limestone quarrying in Malaysia.isolated limestone hills and restrict extraction to only a portion of a limestonewith Holcim (a leading cement and aggregates supplier) in Indonesia to

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Established to answer the nation&#;s demand for cement, Tasek Corporation Berhad wascapacity of,tonnes at its present plant in the Tasek Industrial Estate, Ipoh against the backdrop of scenic limestone hills and excellent infrastructure.Tasek is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Three New Species from Gunung Kanthan, a Limestone Tower Karst

A Race to Save Ancient Human Secrets in Borneo

In East Kalimantan, Borneo, towering limestone cliffs draped in tropical forestare not limited to the human imprint: Southeast Asia&#;s limestone hills and valleysConch Cement Company Limited, which already has a quarry in southernIn Malaysia&#;s Merapoh karst region, biologists set out to find a new

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The limestone hills of Malaysia come in all shapes and Perak Tong cave temple, this hill is situated next to the Tasek Cement plant.

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Quarries, Aggregates and Concrete. LaFarge InternationalRe: Conservation of the Gunung Kanthan Limestone Hill, Perak, Malaysia. Greetings from the

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Malaysian cement companies, including YTL Cement, may beBy quarrying limestone hills for raw materials, cement companies are

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A plethora of beautiful colored snail species from Malaysia have just beenBut the snails live on limestone hills mined by cement companies, whichquarry the hills for cement, they can destroy entire species of snail.

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Tasek Corporation Berhad (MYX:W) is one of Malaysia&#;s largest cement producers.tonnes at its present plant in the Tasek Industrial Estate, Ipoh against the backdrop of scenic limestone hills and excellent infrastructure.Cement is produced at the Company&#;s plant in Ipoh which operateshours a day. Cement

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Malaysia, wherelimestone hills have been recorded in thehill in terms of buffer area forest degradation and quarrying activity.the cement industry, there is an urgent need to prioritize limestone hills for conservation.

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Dutch and Malaysian researchers named the newfound snail Acmella nana;Many of these limestone hills are being quarried for cement, and

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However the cement company Lafarge Malaysia is currently in negotiation withThe hill lies close to the limestone quarry.miles southwest of Sungei Siput

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Lafarge&#;s quarrying in Malaysia alarms conservation groups.A small hill within the limestone mountain&#;s southern area was reportedly mined

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Malaysia&#;s most internationally recognised limestone area, famed for its monstrousApart from quarrying, limestone hills are also vulnerable to other threats.

Malaysian Karst

Karst is landscape underlain by limestone which has been eroded by waterdiscovered in Perak and named after the cement company quarrying the hill it was

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A Singapore cement company, ASN Pte Ltd. aimed to quarry theto the limestone forest area called Merapoh, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia,only to the karst hills to be used as cement materials namely, Gunung Goyang

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Peninsular Malaysia on limestone hills that do not lie within the network of Totally Protected. Areas and which areQuarrying for cement, road metal and

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for a valuable commodity from karststhe limestone needed for cement.In Peninsular Malaysia, more thanlimestone karsts arelimestone hills only a few kilometers apart can host unique speciesApart from this snail species, Kanthan is also home to nine plant species on Malaysia&#;s Red List

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Case study: In Malaysia&#;s Perak State, Kanthan plant is proposing to develop the quarry used to provide the raw materials required for making cement.Extend the study to Gunung Kuang, a nearby limestone hill, for comparative study and.

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Quarrying is a constant threat to limestone hills. There is an ever increasing demand for cement and crushed stone and clinker, and limestone hills are destroyed

Malaysian microjewels going extinct as they are discovered

A Malaysian-Dutch team of biologists has catalogedspecies of Asianlive only on limestone hills, many of which are threatened by quarrying.and many are being quarried away for cement, taking their unique snails

Caving in SE Asia: Quarrying of Bukit Sagu & Bukit Tenggek, Pahang

See my website on Caves of Malaysia.Bukit Sagu in Pahang is being quarried by Pahang Cement / YTL.Thesehills are among a group oflimestone hills located west of Kuantan, the others being Bukit Charas and

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Recently, the Pahang state government indicated that the Jebak Puyuh limestone hill will be quarried for cement production. This is sad news indeed to nature

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However, the Perak Quarry Association president, Chong Sook Kian, hasHence, while Peninsular Malaysia&#;s limestone hills may cover only.3% of itspreserves hills and caves while still providing limestone for cement.

Limestone Karsts of Southeast Asia: Imperiled Arks of Biodiversity

A cement company in Malaysia, which owned limestone quarries totaling.km2, . millimeters and inhabits a few karsts in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (Hill).

Three New Species from Gunung Kanthan, a Limestone Tower Karst

Gunung Kanthan is currently being quarried for cement on a large scale, which ifAn uncertain future for the plants of Gunung Kanthan, Perak, Malaysiaof their restricted geographical range that, in the case of limestone hills, is in addition

Cement company blows up limestone hill and renders snail extinct

Cement company blows up limestone hill and renders snail extinctThe neighbouring isolated hills are being quarried by Malaysian

Malaysian microjewels going extinct as they are

Another peculiarity is that they only live on limestone hills.and many are being quarried away for cement, taking their unique snails with them

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mass extinctions of wildlife as limestone hills are quarried for cement.of cement firm Lafarge in Malaysia, which said it won&#;t quarry a cave