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Tucked deep into the Mule Mountains not far from Palo Verde is the Opal Hill Mine. Opal Hill is well known for its beautiful and rare fire agate, opal eggs and

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The Kern County mines are the only known sources of gem-fire opals in California, and one of only three recognized opal fields in the United

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Midway Well | Earp Badlands | Arlington Mine | Opal Hill MineHill Mine is a private claim and the only site in California where high quality fire agate is found.

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Our specialty is fire agate, here you can buy Mexican fire agate live in Mexico! I work in collaboration with my brother, is in the mines in Mexico. Therefore, like

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The Royal Peacock Mining Company in Northwest Nevada produces some of the world&#;s finest fire opal.

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One Aguas Calientes locality in Mexico is marked by a road cut below the mining pit that has precious opal in it. Some people have even suggested that opal

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Fee mining sites are places where you can pay a fee to dig for rocks, minerals or gemstones and keep whatever youArizona BLM collecting sites, Fire agates.

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The mine owner extended a personal invitation to the mine&#;s “Deer Creek Fire Agate Invitational” that we couldn&#;t pass up. We stayed at the


Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica ); its water content may range fromto% by . Fire opal is a transparent to translucent opal, with warm body colors of yellow to orange to red. Although it . The best quality of opals came from the mine Santa Maria del Iris, followed by La Hacienda la Esperanza, Fuentezuelas,

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The place to prospect for fire agates in the USA is Maricopa County, Arizona. There are a number of mines in the area, but only one that is open to the public.

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Hector mine that has Pastelite in a Bentonite that is so expansive they it Hectorite. It is soArizona Fire Agate that is an opalized brown chalcedony. Pay a $

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Mexican fire agate comes from the mines of Calvillo in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico. There areknown mines near the mountains of

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Shop for fire agate gemstones, fire agate rough, fire agate mineral specimens and fireFire Agate US is a Registered Trade Name of Maricopa Mining LLC.

Dedicated to the fire agate miners of Calvillo in Aguascalientes

Fire agate information direct from the miners themselves, updated regularly, latest specimen discoveries and mine conditions.

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Video blog through my travels in Arizona! (Too bad Arizona has become so controversialbad time to post nice things) Visit my cousin&#;s Fire

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The Opal Hill Fire Agate Mine is the only Fire Agate mine in the world that is open to the public. In addition to Fee Mining, the Opal Hill Mine offers full day and

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Story Sweet Surrender Quartz Mine(collector specimens from nearby locations)Peloncillo Mountain Fire AgateBlack Hills Fire Agate(upload(s))

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The mine at Slaughter Mountain is known for producing high quality fire agate gemstones, with intense color variations from bright reds and oranges to intense

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Explore Fire Agate and be inspired on your spiritual path. Discover consciously sourcedOpal Hill Mine, USA is a wonderful source for gem-quality Fire Agates.

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reviews of Opal Hill Mine "I owe my heart and soul to Nancy Hill, the beautifulquartz flower clusters, opal, and, of course, fire agate that I&#;ve dug out of here.

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Agate, a banded form of chalcedony (cryptocrystalline quartz), has been used as a gemstone for over,years. Romans cut and polished agate, and this

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Fire agate highly sought after gemstone among rock hounds.

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Four scenes from our first show at the Opal Hill Mine, located in the MuleCounty,California, where Craig Wiita is mining for fire agate.

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The following file is part of the Arizona Department of

Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources Mining CollectionMG WR//: The Hughes Deer Creek fire agate property (Graham Co) is.

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I first saw Fire Agate in Mexico in, but it was not until the late&#;s that I saw fine quality stones. At this time the mines at Deer Creek, Arizona and the

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Fire Agate, Slaughter Mountain Mined at Slaughter Mountain, AZ. The mine is located on San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, and can only be mined using

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They include: precious, fire, and common opal; turquoise; agate; jasper; obsidian;opal: A rough specimen of mossy opal from the Royal Peacock Mine.

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Searching for fire agates is considered hard rock mining. The agates are usually found embedded in layers of dense limonite and rhyolite rock. Removing

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Mexico is currently the largest producer of fire agates (Agata De Fuego as it is called in Spanish) in the world with well over a dozen mines in existence.