Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers

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Orestis Giotakos, MD, PhD, Psychiatrist
Sonora-Organization for Music Therapy & Research, founder of (Greece)
Title: The neuropsychology of creativity and emotional memories’ retrieval in GIM therapy


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Denise Grocke, PhD, RMT, RGIMT, FAMI
Emeritus Professor, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music,
University of Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
President: Music and Imagery Association of Australia (Australia)
Title: Growing the GIM seed in the Antipodes


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Dag Körlin, MD, PhD, FAMI
Psychiatrist-Certified Psychotherapist, GIM Primary Trainer
Scientific Director: IMAGEing-European GIM Trainings (Sweden)
Title: What Core Elements of the Bonny Method seem to be lacking in Music and Imagery (MAI) Adaptations? Implications for travelling, guiding, processing and training